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The Effect of Microbial Contamination upon the Plasticity of Ceramic Clays

John Henrikson, Ted Fleming*, Bradley University

Full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v11/henrikson.html

Abstract: Relatively little evaluation has been conducted on the effects of individual microbes present in ceramic clays. In this study, bacteria present in dry ingredients and also aged clay were surveyed and identified as to the genus level using a combination of culture and microscopic techniques. Isolates of predominant bacteria were individually evaluated by reintroduction into sterile dry ingredients and aging of the wet clays. Subsequently clay samples were subjectively assessed for wet pliability and quantitatively tested for wet plasticity and shear strength after firing. Following a 10-day aging period, experimental clays were found to be 10 percent more plastic than control clays (sterile) and demonstrated 1.5 -13.2 percent lower cured shear strength. p>

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