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Identifying Dominant Personality Traits

Kirstie L. Bash and Lynn S. Urban,
University of Central Missouri

Full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v12/bash.html

Abstract Determining dominant personality traits among students enables personality to be matched with the “best fit” for career placement, as well as to match student personalities with faculty personalities. This research aims to establish literature on criminal justice student personality traits and to determine scores on personality inventories. Results from analyzing data from 124 criminal justice and 67 psychology students, using an independent measures t-test for the Big Five personality scores, suggest that overlapping career paths is responsible for similar scores on personality inventories. Dominant personality traits were not observed in the results; however, this research provides a foundation on personality research for criminal justice students.

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Birth Order and Impact on College Major Choice

Jennifer Cramer, Ashley Dilling, Brittney Hockemeyer, Joshua Nicholson, Huntington University

Full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v10/cramer.html

Abstract This study examines the correlation of birth order and choice of college major. It was hypothesized that ones position of birth within the family has an impact on college major choice. Participants were juniors and seniors from a small liberal arts university located in the Midwest. These participants completed a web-based survey consisting of questions about family constellations and college information. We used a χ² test to analyze the data. After collecting and analyzing the data using several crosstabulations, we were unable to support our hypothesis.

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