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Born To Be Destitute: Capital Transfer and Intergenerational Transfer of Poverty

Augus Surachman,
Professor Hartoyo*,
Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v11/surachman.html

Abstract: This research was conducted to analyze the intergenerational transfer of poverty in two-generation families and to examine the mechanism of the transfer by utilizing intergenerational capital transfer model, especially human capital and material capital. This research revealed that parental investment behavior on children was the determining factor in the second-generation family’s welfare. The research estimated the chance of second-generation family with father coming from poor family was 38 times higher to be poor than second-generation family with father coming from not poor origin family. Status mobility from poor to not poor could be due to education (for man) and marital factor (for woman).

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