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The Effects of Presentation Style on Memory and Change-Blindness Sensitivity

Rachael A. Divine, Mariam V. Balasanyan, Jennifer M. Vuong, Justin C. Latham, Robert J. Youmans*, California State University, Northridge

Full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v10/divine.html

Abstract Emotional regulation has become an important variable in understanding the effect emotions may have on attention and learning. In this study, 58 undergraduate students at California State University, Northridge were randomly assigned to watch one of two versions of an educational video. The information presented was identical in both versions of the educational video, but the presenter was asked to be more aggressive in one version of the presentation, and more neutral in the other. The study measured how well participants learned from each version of the video, and also how likely they were to notice surprising changes in background objects that were carefully created by the experimenters via video editing. Results indicated that the aggressive presentation had a negative effect on participants’ ability to detect changes, but no effect on their memory for the semantic content of the video.

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