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Art and Education

Maggie Gilliam, Abby Goering, Paige Jones, Huntington University

Full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v13/goering.html

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to show the importance of art in a student’s educational experience. This study focused on a student’s emotional expression, social confidence, and academic excellence. These areas of research were measured with survey questions that examined students’ participation in the arts and how it affected them in these three areas. The survey allowed participants to reflect on their personal experiences and rate the success that they noticed.

Read the full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v13/goering.html

Finding Everything in the Space of Emptiness

Rose Sexton, Leda Cempellin*
South Dakota State University

Full paper: http://www.kon.org/urc/v8/sexton.html

Where Nothing has Happened Like a pair of enormous contact lenses, two giant concave stainless steel disks stare at each other across a vacant hallway. At 200 cm, they are taller than a man. Modest industrial lights illuminate the vast chamber where they are attached to the blank concrete ceiling. No shadows offer definition to this space. Instead blank white walls descend to the immaculate concrete floor. The state is reminiscent of a snowstorm and the white out conditions after which this exhibition is named. We have all seen the effect of placing two mirrors opposite to one another. An endless repetition of images is cast one inside the other into the eternity of either surface. However, by simply curving the surface of the mirrors, such as Anish Kapoor has in his installation, Double Mirror (Fig 1: http://www.studio-international.co.uk/studio-images/kapoor/3b.asp), something even more incredible and unexpected occurs upon the polished surfaces: an apparent lack of reflection. Waves of the visual spectrum are bounced off each surface both away from the opposite mirror, away from the eye of the viewer. Stand inside the double mirror. Step into the tension between them. Look up, down, left, right into the broad mirrors and be met with nothing at all!

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