Assessing the Value of the Day Time Nap among Preschools: An Exploratory Study

Syndee Brown, Southeastern Louisiana University

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Abstract: Recent literature has cited that day time sleeping (i.e. nap) is critical for preschool children in many areas of development: cognitive, physical, and psycho-social (Ellenbogen, Hulbert, Stickgold, Dinges, & Thompson-Schill 2006; Sadeh, Gruber, & Raviv, 2003; and Williams & Horst, 2014). Because of the academic demands placed on early childhood educators, a debate regarding the value of nap time has been quietly brewing among some administrators (Rebecca Spencer, personal communication, August 2014). The purpose of this study was to assess various attitudes of preschool teachers and administrators regarding nap time, and to learn more about the structure of nap time among various preschool settings.

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