Information Sources Influencing Parental Decisions Regarding Cochlear Implantation of Deaf Children

Rhett Thomson, Utah Valley University

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Abstract: Parents of children born deaf face many significant decisions which can be quite stressful. There are many options available to parents and many sources which supply information and guidance. One option parents are presented with is a technological intervention: cochlear implants. These can enable hearing in the deaf infant. Reaching a decision regarding cochlear implantation comes after significant investigation. Some studies have found that various sources of information, such as audiologists and parent support groups, are useful to parents during the education process. The object of the present study is to determine how influential those sources of information are and why each source was perceived as valuable. This study was performed using a survey composed of primarily close-ended questions. Results indicate that not all parents talk to the same sources in order to gain information, although some sources are more likely to play an educative role than others. Results further indicate that some sources of information influence parental decisions more than others. Reasons why each source is considered useful are also identified.

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