Fashion and Social Media

Daniesha Crews, Kortne Smith, Bridgett Clinton-Scott*, University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES)

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Abstract: This study expands knowledge about female college students’ social media usage by examining how fashion majors and non-fashion majors use social media to communicate. Participants were asked to respond to a questionnaire focusing on how they use social media. The questions related to level of interest in fashion upon social media, social media duration use, regular activities on social media, social networking preferences, and fashion involvement. The results revealed that the level of interest in fashion upon social networking sites for female fashion majors and female non-fashion majors is not drastically different; in fact both use social media for their fashion interest. Interests included exploring current fashion trends, interacting with fashion brands, and gaining information. This study suggests that college students use social media as a means of entertainment, information, and social connection.

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