Increased Blood Glucose Leads to Increased Sleepiness and Heart Rate Without Change to Autonomic Tone

Derek Randolph, Georgia Gwinnett College, Shelby Pressler, Oglethorpe University, James B. Crabbe,* Georgia Gwinnett College

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Abstract: Pre- and post-prandial measures were completed on 6 healthy individuals (2 men, 4 women, mean age 21 yrs.) to investigate the changes that a meal would have on blood glucose (mg/dL), feelings of sleepiness (VAS), and autonomic tone (SDRR; HRV). These measures were counterbalanced and compared to a no meal condition with the same participants. Glucose, sleepiness, and HR were significantly higher after a meal, while heart rate variability (HRV) was not significantly different between the protocols. The results of this study did not confirm the hypothesis that postprandial sleepiness would be related to adjustments in autonomic tone as measured by HRV.

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