Artifactual Communication: A Modern Approach to Understanding Communication through Nonverbal Artifacts

Keven J. Rudrow, Valdosta State University

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Abstract: The aim of this article is to explore phenomenology as a method in explaining the usage of contemporary artifacts as a byproduct of cultural materialism in a modern approach to artifactual communication. This article seeks to draw correlations between materialism and artifactual communication (i.e., communicating through the use of artifacts), by assessing research on materialism and artifacts (e.g., color, environment, and clothing), and how it plays an intricate role in nonverbal and interpersonal communication as well as physical attractiveness. Rejecting the notion that artifactual communication is enrooted in sexism, racism, or stereotypes, this article seeks to give credence to approximations while rejecting the notion of absolutisms when decoding artifactual messages. Based on this study we can draw a number of conclusions as supported by previous research as well as the qualitative analysis conducted in this research. We conclude that artifactual communication, among other results, would be worthy of further study, particularly on its influence on nonverbal and interpersonal communication.

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