The Effects of Sexual Content in Television and Film on Young Adults

Cate Davis, Emily Hahn, Miah Kinlow – Huntington University

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Abstract: This study examined the effects of sexual content within television and film on young adults. It was hypothesized that consumption of television and film with sexual content would have an effect on the viewers of such media. No specific hypothesis was assigned in order to avoid assigning morality to sexuality. One hundred and fifty-one participants aged 18-25 took a survey designed by the present researchers. A t-test was completed to compare the amount of hours of television or film watched with the gender of the participant, and no significant relationship was found between the two variables. A Pearson r correlation coefficient was used to analyze the amount of hours watched with the five indices of behavior, attitude, language, imagery, and explicitness stemming from the researcher-created instrument. Statistically significant relationships were found between media frequency language, imagery, and explicitness categories.

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