Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Alexandra Alford, Chanal Carlisle, Bridgett Clinton* – University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES)

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Abstract: Obesity is affecting children all over the world and it is increasingly recognized as a major public health epidemic. There have been more and more cases of non-communicable chronic diseases occurring in young children, due to increased weight in children (Slusser et al., 2011). Researchers are constantly trying to find ways to fight this problem by determining what is most effective. Numerous studies suggest that the incidences of key non-communicable chronic diseases are heavily associated with lifestyle and physical activity. The issue of childhood obesity was examined in this study by surveying parents of an after-school program located on the campus of a Historically Black College. A survey was created to measure parent’s willingness to accept nutrition education and their level of commitment to making healthy lifestyle changes for their families. Survey results revealed that parents want to better their lifestyles for themselves and their children. However, they need help with implementing healthy lifestyle changes.

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