Children’s Perceptions of Maternal Weight-Related Attitudes and Behaviors and Relationship to Child’s Self-Esteem and Body Image

Lauren Sowers, Esther Higginbottom, Heather Rapp – Huntington University

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Abstract: The purpose of this study was to research the correlation between daughters’ accounts of mothers’ weight-related behaviors and attitudes, such as dieting, scale-checking, and comments about self, and the effects that these behaviors have on their daughters. The research was conducted by looking into parent-child relationships, how they communicate, and how the daughters perceive their mother’s views of self through use of a survey created on Survey Monkey. The subjects were 171 female students, ages 18-25, from a small Christian, liberal arts school in Indiana, and they received the survey through their university email. There was no significant relationship found between self-esteem and maternal weight-related attitudes and behaviors.

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