Effect of Motivational Type on Goal-Setting Behavior

Maryam Kazmi
Boston College

Full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v13/kazmi.html

Abstract: Whether an athlete is intrinsically, extrinsically, or amotivated and whether or not he or she sets goals are important determinants of that athlete’s performance. This study was aimed at exploring whether a certain type of motivation can predict whether a person will use goal-setting techniques and find them to be effective. The present study also hoped to determine whether the type of motivation that athletes reported and their goal-setting behavior differed depending on whether they were recreational or elite collegiate athletes. Male basketball players were recruited to participate in the study, half of whom were recreational athletes and the other half from the Boston College Men’s D1 Basketball team. Through the use of two separate questionnaires that were administered to participants, the results of the studies supported the assertion that intrinsically motivated individuals tended to set more goals, commit to these goals, and found these goals to be more effective than those who exhibited the other types of motivation. No differences existed between the recreational group and the D1 group in either motivation or goal setting behavior. This study informs researchers that individuals who participate in a sport for the sake of the sport itself tend to set more goals in order to benefit their own performance.

Introduction: Many of us have participated in sports and are familiar with the types of behavior that are required of athletes, but have you ever wondered why some athletes are able to keep themselves more motivated than others? Why is it that only a few of the people we played sports with have continued to play in college and a fraction of that number play professionally? Researchers have looked into athlete behavior and determined that differences in goal-setting and motivational types appear to affect the manner in which one performs, by either enhancing or impairing performance. Motivation is an important issue that has been studied time and time again to determine the different sources of motivation and how effective they prove to be. Moreover, goal setting is a technique employed by various athletes, which can contribute to their overall performance. This study explores correlation between the two topics of motivation and goal setting.

Read the full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v13/kazmi.html