Relationship Satisfaction, Confidence, and Outness in Lesbian-Identified Facebook Users

Lexi Pulice-Farrow, Jennifer L. Hughes, and Ashley E. Bohnert, Agnes Scott College

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Abstract:For this research we evaluated the relationships of 55 lesbian-identified Facebook users. We hypothesized that Lesbian-identified romantic partners who linked their partners would report greater relationship satisfaction than those who did not (H1). We also hypothesized that there would be a positive relationship found for lesbian-identified Facebook users for their relationship satisfaction and degree of outness (H2). Next, we hypothesized that Lesbian-identified romantic partners who did not link their partners on Facebook would report less relationship confidence than partners who had linked their partners (H3). Finally, if a user linked her partner, we hypothesized that she would be more likely to post and tag photographs with her partner (H4).

For H1 and H3 t tests were used, while a correlation test was performed for H2. Finally, a chi-square test was run for H4. H3 was supported, users who did not link their partners reported lower levels of relationship confidence than users who did link their profiles. The results of this study can be used to create a more comprehensive picture of the way lesbian-identified Facebook users interact and feel about their romantic partners. These results can also be used to start a discussion between same-sex and heterosexual couples to see how each partner feels about linking each other on social networking sites and about what this linkage will mean to each partner.

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