Video Games

Obaid Rashed Aleghfeli, Kaist University, Daedeok Innopolis, Daejeon, South Korea

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At the root of the notion of video games is the word “video,” which originally meant a kind of electronic device that can show images (Stiles, 2010). In fact the first video games were sometimes called TV games. Having appeared as an experiment for human interaction, video games have changed dramatically and now have become an example of art and a form of business industry (Gladwell, 2000). All you need to have to play a video game is an input device, a joystick (or any other kind of game controller, such as a keyboard, a mouse etc.), and a particular video game. Speakers and headphones are not obligatory; they just make the effects more impressive.

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Original video games could be found in a number of formats; everything depended on the electronic device it had to fit. The first widely sold game was called “Computer Space” and was created by T. Dabney and N. Bushnell. In fact, it played only on the black and white TV. This type of video game was developed and transformed into “Brown Box,” which appeared in the 1960s and could be used with a standard TV. The enormous success came after the appearance of the “Space Invaders” in 1980s. The game inspired thousands of movie and story tellers and literally became a well-known brand. In fact, it opened a golden era of video games that is still continuing.