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“The Buzz About the Birds and the Bees” Parental Reproductive Health Capital

Eulalie Laschever, Pacific University, Mercer Island, WA

Full manuscript:

Abstract This mixed-method study examined the social field of sexuality education through an exploration of parental knowledge levels and sources of reproductive health information. A 414 respondent survey identified relevant demographic information and knowledge levels on various aspects of anatomy and conception, sexually transmitted diseases, and birth control–demographic characteristics of gender, education level, income, and religion all influence reproductive health knowledge capital. Ten open-ended depth interviews with mothers provided a contextual anatomy for parent-child reproductive health conversations. Through this, three Expanded Forms (Life Experience, Mass Media, and Religious Institutions) and two Restricted Forms (Medical Professionals and College Attainment) of reproductive health knowledge acquisition were identified. These results were analyzed through Pierre Bourdieu’s lens of cultural capital.

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