The Economic Connections between China and the U.S.: How to Benefit Both Players through International Trading

Ruby Yanjie Chen, Robert Guang Tian*, Medaille College

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Abstract China and the U.S. are connected economically and help each other with trade, which is a big source of income and a huge benefit for countries with a shortage of certain materials. Nowadays, the U.S. has a very high deficit with China, greater than any other country. It is important to remain on good sides with China, because we can become allies together. Also, China is a very fast growing country. We need to keep up with China with new technology and devices. China is a very important trading partner to the United States.

This paper discusses the international economic theories and their implications in terms of China and U.S. by analyzing the benefits that both sides get from international trading and cooperation. It demonstrates the significance of China to U.S. and the significance of U.S. to China as well as U.S. domestic economies and the economical connections with China, trade history, and so on. It stresses the development of economic relationships between the two countries and analyzes China’s economical situation and the rationales that they keep good economical connections with U.S. in terms of international trading and cooperation. This paper holds that both sides should exert their best efforts to achieve a “win-win” situation economically and discusses the current situation, the problems to be solved, and how to solve the identified problems.

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