The Portrayal of Men in the Media

Chelsea Ivy-Rose Jove, The Master’s College

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Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the portrayal of fathers in the media. Fathers are being “dumbed down” and pushed aside. The survey instrument was limited to selected parents in the Santa Clarita Valley and students at The Master’s College located in Santa Clarita, California, during the spring 2009 semester. The research questions were analyzed using STATPAK. The One-Dimensional Chi-square test was used to calculate the data using a .05 level of significance. It was indicated through the review of the literature that the media’s portrayal of men affects the family. Fathers are extremely important when rearing children, and they affect their children’s lives physiologically, emotionally, spiritually, educationally, and physically.

Introduction Research shows that conflict between male and female characters is often the foundation of domestic comedies (Olson & Douglas, 1997). The media often portrays the conflicts between husband and wife, while adding a comedic twist to it. “Many of the returning shows are ones that helped create the image of the ‘doofus dad,’ shows featuring a fat oaf with no good advice to give his kids, and a beautiful wife who really ought to take the kids and leave” (Weinman, 2006, p.60). The media takes a stab at fathers just to get a laugh from the audience.

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