Does Arch Height Affect A Woman’s Actual Height?

Hena Thakur
Thomas S. Wootton High School, Rockville, MD

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Abstract This study investigates the presence of a correlation between women’s medial arch heights and actual heights. The human body is known to possess several different types of symmetries and proportional correlations; however, no studies have been conducted to determine the possibility of a relation between women’s medial arch heights and actual heights. The existence of such a relation could prove to be a valuable tool for scientists, especially those involved in forensics. In this study, medial arch heights and actual heights of 126 women were taken and regression analyses were performed on the data to determine significance. The results indicate no significant correlation between the foot arch height and actual height of a woman.

Introduction There are several factors that affect human height. These factors include: an individual’s exposure to diseases, the nutrition an individual receives, the amount of exercise an individual does, the biological genes an individual possesses, the environment an individual grows up in, and the amount of stress undergone by an individual. These factors affect the strength and health of an individual, thereby determining the height of that person (Hueso, 2007; Lai, 2006).

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