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Estimating Suicide Rates in Nations that Do Not Report Suicide Statistics

Zorel Zambrano and Lawrence T. White*, Beloit College

Full manuscript:

Abstract We report a new method to estimate suicide rates in nations that do not collect or report suicide statistics. Using indicators of suicide rates in a sample of 73 nations and standard regression techniques, we identified four predictors—divorce rate, locus of control, per capita GDP, and fertility rate—and generated different regression equations. These equations appear to produce reasonably valid estimates of national suicide rates.

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Using Photovoice as Participatory Needs Assessment with Youth at a Latino Youth Action Center

Joan Scacciaferro, Samantha Goode, Deirdra Frausto, Truman State University

Full manuscript:

Abstract The photovoice method allowed the youth participants (females attending programs at a Latino/Hispanic Center), as ‘experts’ on their own lives, to freely display their thoughts, needs, and concerns in an artistic manner. Through photography, this project not only promoted creativity but also offered a non-threatening platform for participants to convey true emotion and information about difficult subjects. After comparative analysis between all four participants’ pictures and responses, three common themes arose: the importance of family in their lives, the importance of technology in their lives, and the importance of the Center in their lives.

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Shamans Equal Schizophrenics

Anthony Wilkins, Texas A&M University

Full paper:

Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to analyze shamanism and schizophrenia, eventually coming to the conclusion that they are one and the same. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is the physiological link between the two, while culture is the psychological link between them. This paper goes on to suggest that the shaman is a schizophrenic.

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Effects of Sorority Participation on Artificial Tanning Habits in College Students

Allison L. Attal, Baylor University

Full manuscript:

Abstract The effect of sorority affiliation on artificial tanning frequencies was investigated. Variables were measured using an artificial tanning survey developed for this research. The results indicated that while the proportion of participants that had used a tanning bed at least once was higher for the sample of sorority members than for the sample of non-sorority members, there appears to be no connection between sorority affiliation and frequency of tanning bed use over the past month and past six months. That is, on a monthly and semi-annual basis, sorority members are not more likely to use a tanning bed more frequently than non-sorority members. The findings are consistent with theories of the effects of peer crowd identification and appearance motivation on artificial tanning habits.

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Announcing Volume 7 Award Recipients

The Undergraduate Research Community is pleased to announce awards for Volume 7 (calendar year 2008) manuscripts in the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences. 

  • First Place: Catherine McBride, Stephanie Collins, Connie Bell, 
    Casey Quinn, Sheri Lokken Worthy*
    Mississippi State University
    "Parent's Influence on Children's Weight-Related Behaviors"
  • Second Place: Rachel Barnett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Linda K. Crowe*, University of Nebraska-Kearney
    "Traditional vs. Electronic Storybooks during Adult-Toddler Interactions"
  • Third Place: Brittany Gower, Christine E. Hand, and Zachariah K. Crooks
    Huntington University
    "The Relationship between Stress and Eating in College-Aged Students"

Runner-Up Manuscripts

  • Heather Davis, James Madison University
    "Gender Gaps in Math and Science Education"
  • Desiree Raygor & Jenna Osseck, Truman State University
    "Use of a Focus Group of Youth in a Juvenile Detention Center to
    Recommend Programming Based on the Results of a Developmental Assets Profile"
  • Debra Lin, The University of Texas-Austin
    "Are They Pledging 'I Do' to Virginity Until Marriage? An Examination of the 
    Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Abstinence-Only Sexuality Education"

Congratulations to all authors!

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