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Perceived Parental Involvement Positively Correlated With Middle and High School Students’ Self-Esteem

Courtney A. DeSisto,
Ingrid G. Farreras,*
and Christina M. Woody
Hood College

Full manuscript: www.kon.org/urc/v9/desisto.html

Abstract: A convenience sample of 132 twelve-eighteen-year-old students from a private middle and high school in the mid-Atlantic was used to determine whether there is a correlation between perceived parental involvement in teenagers’ lives and the adolescents’ self-esteem. A statistically significant correlation was found between perceived parental involvement and self-esteem, and a stepwise regression analysis found that perceived parental involvement and the sex and age of the adolescents predicted 25 percent of the variance in adolescent self-esteem. Female students reported higher self-esteem than male students in all but the 12-year-old group, and self-esteem decreased during middle school but then increased by high school. Implications for future research on parental involvement in teenagers’ lives were discussed.

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