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Narcissistic Object Choice in Sexual Orientation Identity Development: A Freudian Perspective on Homosexual Identity Formation

Neil Gleason:
St. Olaf College

Full paper: www.kon.org/urc/v12/gleason.html

Abstract: Within the field of LGBT psychology, several models of homosexual orientation identity development have been proposed, and most of these models emphasize the importance of assuming a non-heterosexual identity. Freud’s theories of homosexuality are reinterpreted and integrated into these contemporary models in order to shed light on both the importance of non-heterosexual identity formation and the complications that can arise from it. Specifically, Freud’s concepts of “narcissistic object choice” and “identification” reveal how homosexual individuals can form paradoxical attachments with heterosexual objects, and how these paradoxes can be resolved through the assumption of a homosexual identity.

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