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Use of a Focus Group of Chariton County Citizens to Investigate Opinions, Attitudes, and Recommendations for the Chariton County Oral Health Program

Whitney Trusty, Courtney Perrachione, Truman State University

Full manuscript:

Abstract The purpose of this study was to conduct two focus groups to investigate the opinions, attitudes, and recommendations for improvement of the Oral Health Program in Chariton County, Missouri. A focus group interview guide included questions about each participant’s perceptions of the Chariton County Oral Health Program Initiative and how the program might be improved over time.
“Affordability” and “access” were repeatedly reported as important factors in whether or not a Chariton County citizen would seek oral healthcare. Chariton County faces challenges similar to those of other communities when attempting to incorporate a dental health program into the area.

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“When it is my turn, there will be no one to bury me. ” Ideology, Social Mobility, and Individual Agency in the Cambodian Genocide

Will Plowright
University of British Columbia

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Abstract Children and youths were the primary vehicle to enact the Khmer Rouge’s campaign of genocide. Explanations for the involvement of people on an individual level often assert the primary role of ideology. However, by analyzing primary accounts and contrasting them with known contextual factors from the time, it can be shown that a lack of social mobility and fear of the regime obliterated the role of ideology, restricted individual agency, and forced youths and children to enact the regime’s policies.

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